Concert 2

Sunday, 25 February, 2024 @ 3:00 pm

Sing and Play in Dulcet Tone: The Intimate Handel
The Soprano in Love and Life along with Handel’s Harpsichord works!

Featuring Rosalind Lee, Soprano, Deborah Stevenson, Oboe, Steven Houser, ‘Cello, and Artistic Director, Dennis Northway, Harpsichord
Rosalind Lee
Steven Houser
Deb Stevenson

H.W.V. 129 Manca pur quanto sai
H.W.V. 144 O lucenti, o sereni occhi
H.W.V. 156 Sarai contenta un di
Sonata in C minor HWV 366 and Sonata in F Major HWV 363a for Oboe and Basso Continuo featuring Deborah Stevenson, Oboe.
And some seldom performed harpsichord works by our Artistic Director!

As we continue to unlock the treasure chest that is the secular solo cantatas of Handel, join us as Soprano Rosalind Lee delights us with her rich, crisp tone to present three of his distinctive cantatas of love and longing. Pair this with a fiendishly difficult harpsichord work by Handel played by our Artistic Director, and two rarely heard sonatas for Oboe and Basso Continuo, played by beloved Oboist Deborah Stevenson, and you have a Sunday afternoon of chamber bliss! Our expert continuo players, Artistic Director Dennis Northway on harpsichord and virtuoso 'Cellist Steven Houser join forces to accompany a great voice and an expert Oboe player!